Loder's Fall

About Loder’s Fall

In Loder’s Fall, you played a character who found himself living in a world that had at one point in time been populated by a technologically advanced civilization. You would uncover various artifacts that would allow you to reconstruct forgotten technology such as a rope gun, gravity gun, grenades, water gun, and flame thrower. As you played, you would learn more about the history of the world, and discover there used to be a floating, utopian city named Loder. At some point, the two factions governing Loder began to war. Loder’s inhabitants were eventually cast out, and the city was hidden. Using the tools you reconstructed, you would eventually rediscover and repopulate Loder. That was the plot, anyway.

Mostly I fiddled around with destructible terrain and realistic fluid simulators, and never got around to including any type of plot into the game.